Manage and Track Dynamic QR Codes

Link your offline and online marketing together with dynamic, trackable QR codes.

WHat is QR mill?

Safe, trackable,
and dynamic QR code generator


QR codes that are created with our service are routed through our service while scanned. You can always reroute an existing code to a new weblink, new file etc. And you can fix typos in the links easily!


Dynamic QR codes are trackable, so you know which codes are scanned and when. With analytics you can see the scans in real-time.


Users can scan your code with their mobile phones without touching anything.

Why to use QR codes?

Try it! Scan the code below by pointing your mobile phone’s camera to the code.

Drive more sales

Drive more sales with coupons and discounts.

Link offline to online

Engage users and get them to your digital content.

Collect leads

Collect leads from offline ads

Track and analyze

Understand which content gets scans and when.

What are QR codes

QR (short for Quick Response) code is a 2-dimensional barcode first designed in the 1990’s. It’s a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the thing that it is attached to. Typically QR codes contain id codes, links to manufacturer’s website, or links to specific website.

Types of QR codes

Get started with QR codes

Static vs. dynamic QR codes

Static QR code has the information, for example a link, coded in the code itself. A QR code can contain up to 500 characters and the more characters there is, the more harder it is to accurately scan it. A dynamic code only contains a link to the service’s website and the service itself contains all the information of the code. This also means that you can edit the contents of the code later. One more advantage is that you can track when people scan the code.  

QR Codes in marketing

How can QR codes be used in marketing?

Driving traffic to your business

- Drive people to your website (link)
- Drive people to your campaign's landing page (link)
- Save your contact details in their phones (contact details)

Engage with customers

- Let people download material - like menus, manuals (files)
- Direct people to social media pages (link)

Drive leads with forms

- Ask information from your customers (forms)
- Let them make orders (forms)

Ask for feedback

- Ask feedback from your customers (surveys)

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